Tribe Citizen


DJ SCrib

Who is SCrib and when did you fall in love with your art?

I would say SCrib is a man who has always had a passion to fit somewhere in the music world. I'm a guy that has dealt with obstacles that many would not recognize by looking at me but hear through my Sets as a DJ. Charleston Native, CofC grad, Passion is the arts and love to laugh and have fun.

I think I fell in love with my art when I noticed I spoke through my music. Now many times you will hear me on the mic but if you pay close attention to the music I am actually playing, it tells the story of who I am, where I'm from and what created my whole personality. Fun Fact: I don't practice much nor do I EVER know what I am going to play. It is all just an in the moment feel. When I didn't have to make folders (crates) to create dope sounds or blend anymore I knew this was something I truly enjoyed doing.


If music was a meal what would it taste like?

Music to me taste like a Philly cheese-steak from Philadelphia. Music to me is something that gives you that warm feeling inside and satisfies all tastebuds!  

When you hear music what's the first thing you listen for?

Well there are actually a couple of things I like to do but it just depends on the artist(s) I'm listening to. With more so conscious, lyrical songs, I listen for the hard, poetic bars or even melodies of the singer. The next thing I'm listening to is for the production. I love to hear the bass and the high hats but at the end of the day I love to listen to the back of the back productions. What I mean by that are those little random noises that are really faded or even hard to hear unless you listen closely. I always try to figure out what they used to make that noise and also appreciate the unique sounds of a song. Something to make it pop and sound like the next.


How do you experience music differently from others?

As a DJ, my library is SO diverse. If someone had my iTunes and put it on shuffle they would honestly say, "WOW, he listens to that!?" I would say that I love my music LOUD so I am able to feel it through my whole body. The vibrations of the 808s and the rolling snares always get me so hype when listening to some songs. What people don't know is when I get into a "listening session" (listening to ONLY music for a long period of time), I like to sit with a laptop in front of me, eyes closed and just listen to each word the artist says. I imagine moments of where that person wrote their lines and how might I relate to it.

What's one myth you would dispel about being a DJ?

A myth..hmm... Everyone can be a DJ, it;s easy! I think this is one of the most offensive thing you can say to a DJ. It's like saying all people look the same! As an entertainer, I feel that it is a DJs duty to make people love you for your craft. It takes plenty of time, practice, and dedication to the feel of even being a DJ. A DJ knows about wires, connections, music choice, and also knowing his audience. So this job is terrifying to be honest because at every single moment someone is judging your craft.