In the black community, churches have always been our safe space. Even if we didn't necessarily agree with the teachings, it provided us with a foundation, a common ground, a family. Churches were always there for neighborhood meetings, fundraisers, and functions, a place of refuge, clarity and guidance. In the same place where you would have a youth choir anniversary and vacation bible school, you could have a fish fry or a town hall meeting. You know black churches. Black churches know you. And if you ever been to one, you've heard of revivals. This is the revival. Sort of.

Historically, revival meetings are geared towards an inward change that manifests itself in much outward sound. They were based off the camp meeting during the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening, which occurred from about 1720 to 1780, was a series of revivals that sparked a move away from formal, outward, official religion to experiential, inward, personal religion. (georgiaencyclopedia.org). Instead of a preacher preaching a written sermon, he spoke from the heart, to his followers and not at them, and his mission was always the same: to revive a spirit in the masses to make change.

That's why this is the Revival.

There is a change going on in our country, a change in our state. A change in the air, in the planets (welcome to the Age of Aquarius!), now there has to be a change in our minds. There's never been this much talent in our state, this much need for expression, this many outlets. This is our time. You've heard of the Harlem Renaissance, now welcome to the Charleston Renaissance, and your preachers have arrived. Saturday, January 21st. Purple Buffalo. Doors open at 9, the revival starts at 10. Be ready for a word from the Starr Child, Benjamin Starr and new comer Johnny Jr. Just like church, come as you are (but if you decide to wear all black, we might love you forever). We’ll see you there, church fans ready.

“we welcome the young of all groups
as our own with the solid nourishment
of food and warmth

we prepare the way with the solid
nourishment of self-actualization

we implore all the young to prepare for the young
because always there will be children.”

-Nikki Giovanni