Hey Tribe! We feel like it's been so long since we last talked. Like, really talked. There has been sooo much going on in our lives these past few months and it gets hard to stay consistent and inspired. This new segment kind of came from this feeling. Needing to be inspired. Needing to remain consistent and creative. A lot of times we forget to give ourselves permission to find inspiration outside of ourselves. This new segment Essentials allows you a glimpse into the everyday must haves of creatives in our community and see what gets them to and through their goals. We couldn't be more excited to open this segment with one of favs, Willie Kinard! One-fifth of For the Scribes, One-third of Black Tea Culture, One part poet, One part Graphic Gawd, Two parts visual genius. We hope you enjoy!

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My Essentials for Creating

Willie Kinard: Designer, Art Director, Writer, Co-Creator of For The Scribes

  1. Angela, my 13-inch MacBook Pro
    • My child and the first thing I’m grabbing in a fire. My life (she owns), my love (she toys with), my all (monies spent on fixes and accessories included).
  2. Jim Krause’s Color Index
    • A thrifted gift that my obsession with the color theory nerd won’t let me go without. Functions similar to any holy book—tells stories, offers countless solutions, saves lives from design hell.
  3. Apple
    • A wholesome source of energy mellowing out my non-morning person grumpiness. Red Delicious, Gala, or Honeycrisp preferred.
  4. Firmoo Glasses
    • Clear lens (though they’ll probably be replaced with a prescription soon). Generally positioned with one of the handles in my mouth or sliding off of my nose.
  5. Ivy’s Tea Co. Custom Tea Blends
    • Some of the best things put in a canister since bread, owned and curated by a Black woman. Soothes my inner tea enthusiast.
  6. Good Vibes Thermos Mug
    • Keeps all teas and things, whether bagged or loose, warm, and all good vibes just like I like them: hot and steamy.
  7. Assorted Crystals
    • I love rocks and and since learning of the healing/spiritual properties of them, they’ve replaced my marble collection and are bound to be in my pocket. Brecciated jasper for balance & stress-relief, peridot for focus, blue banded agate for creative expression and problem solving, and citrine for positivity.
  8. Sony In-Ear Headphones with Hi-Fidelity Ear Tips
    • Simple design, solid sound, and quality noise cancellation for uninterrupted vibe sessions… on a budget.
  9. Moleskine Journal
    • A necessary component of every poetic designer or designing poet that binds cartoons, words, color codes, shopping lists, sayings from my Grandma, and various moments of life to paper.
  10. Pentel RSVP Ballpoint Pen
    • Magic wand, conductor’s baton, and weapon of choice. Because office desk chic. Because fine tip or die. Because my Mama put me on. Because your faves could never.

*Honorable mentions:

  • My iPhone 5C that didn’t want to be pictured because of its cracked screen protector and Eros, my Canon Rebel T3 that was drafted to take this shot.

Best regards,