Groove Therapy: Curated by PoppyNative

Happy HumpDay Tribe! We're back at it again bringing you curated vibes from our girl PoppyNative! This month she wanted to dive a little more into each selected artists backgrounds and her inspiration behind choosing them. Check out her second installation of, Groove Therapy below as you take a glimpse into the mind of this musical muse. Enjoy.

Meet Indie-Electro duo Sondar,

Cait and Katie of Nashville, TN has been making waves on top music streaming sites like Spotify and iTunes for quite some time now following the release of their single “Ready” on Aug 25th
These care-free beauties have been riding the rollercoaster of their over-night success ever since. Although “Ready” was the single that caught my attention, it was their previous released track “Singlewave” that made me fall in love with the soulful duo. The electric ballad starts with a smooth solo that draws you in almost instantly with low synthesizers placing the tone just right. Just when you thought that the track couldn’t get any better, there’s a key change that transforms the song into an upbeat electro-pop gem that you can put on repeat while you’re chilling with your friends or your boo preferably ;)

Meet Lakim,

Soulection producer Lakim has done it again and did it well with the recent release of an original edit of Banks “Fuck With Myself.” The VA native has been a favorite of mine since I discovered one of his originals “Crushin’ You” that samples “Fuck You Tonight” by the Notorious B.I.G.
Staying connected with his music via Soundcloud and Instagram, I came across this flawless edit that he did featuring the princess of alternative R&B, Banks. “Fuck With Myself” is a song that resonated with me deeply. In a world full of non-believers, energy suckers, and pessimists, carrying your own weight is extremely crucial for survival and self-care. Banks delivered that perfectly on the track while floating over the electric production of Lakim. If you need a soundtrack to get you through the week, encouragement to finish that project, or confirmation to get over that fuckboy that’s been wasting your time, put this gem on repeat and ball out mami.

Courtesy of Rachel Rebibo

Courtesy of Rachel Rebibo

Meet Mallory,

Vocalist/Model Mallory has been moving real proper dropping consistent gems on her Soundcloud for about a year now. The songstress released her ep MM&HH last month and to date has received over 20k listens. Shedding light on themes including personal growth, individuality, and romance, MM&HH became an easy favorite of mine almost instantly. The second track from the ep “Gold” expresses Mallory’s thoughts of existing in a world that sometimes cause you to lose yourself.

Now you could hold the key the life

But would you know what is inside?

Now you could own all of the cars and have the girls

But would you know what turns the world?

I feel you Mallory, I feel you. I think we all needed this gem to remind us to come back down to earth when we get wrapped up in the facades of the world around us.


Meet Francis,

One of my most recent obsessions, weirddough has been a producer that has been quite a challenge to keep up with. Powering only 2 social media accounts outside of his Soundcloud, he quickly caught my eye as an artist who focuses solemnly on music and not so much on persona, making him an instant favorite of mind on that discovery alone. The Las Vegas creative has released over 60 tracks to date through his personal Soundcloud account that currently has over 21k followers. Creating with a master sampling gift and sounds reminiscent of 80s and 90s R&B, “zoomzoom” is the perfect 1 minute teaser on what it would feel like to vibe out to an 80s track with a modern twist. Expect many edits of his to be featured on Groove Therapy in the month’s to come. Francis if you’re reading this, know that you are a gem.

Meet Taylor,

Brooklyn based composer, Taylor McFerrin has had a busy year brushing shoulders with the likes of Bilal, Solange, and Robert Glasper all generated from the successful releases of Early Riser and Place in my Heart of 2015. Although the tracks released from both projects has been a God sent to me and many other jazz-electro lovers, it hasn’t been enough to stop me from anticipating more gems to be released from Taylor in the next year to come.

For those of you that has had it up to here with mercury in retrograde, you might find this song to be a great escape from the ever-changing rotation of the planets. This perfect down-tempo track and easily one of my favorite tracks of the year, “Decisions” has been helping me cope during the best of my off days. Created by musical innovator Taylor McFerrin and soulful-songstress Emily King, the song narrates the timeless topic of falling in love and enjoying the ride. Now, for those of you who don’t know me, you should know that with songs that tackle themes of love that it’s not so much about dedicating a song to someone or being depressed, but it’s more so about how love as an emotion should make anyone feel-energized, mystic, and easy-going. So to answer your question, I am not in love, this song just does the job of infusing the majestic feeling.

Meet Alexandria,

Contributing to the Awful Records collective Alexandria serenaded her way into our hearts once again with the release of her ep Promise earlier this year. Her third solo project to date, Alexandria is still reigning as one of my favorites from the Atlanta based collective. The first single from Promise “Complement” is an R&b gem that’s very reminiscent of an Aaliyah track in both tempo and delivery. Alexandria’s soft vocals floats on the track while she walks us through what it feels like to be a woman in love that would do anything for her man. Ladies if you got one, pull him close and be sure to put this on repeat while you lip synch the words to this gem.

Meet Will,

SC native, Will “Bowtye” Dantzler caught my attention with his collaboration featuring vocalist, Kev, on his single “Wishes.” The Columbia based producer is just one of many hidden gems that SC has to offer. “Wishes” is a soulful R&B track that narrates the mind of a guy that’s searching for that special someone, an experience that I’m sure we could all relate to.
Will draws you in with a mellow verse and Kev follows with soothing harmonies that sets the tone for the track. His track “Dreaming” being featured on Soulection Radio Show #277 (Live from Bangalore, India) is just one indicator of the great things that he has in store. I’ll be keeping a close eye out on him to make sure that I won’t be missing any special surprises that he’ll be following up with.

Meet Lshaey,

Charlotte, NC, based Lshaey demands attention with her single “Focus” produced by Full Medal the God. “Focus” is a vibe to catch when you need a reminder to shine light on the things in life that’s going to elevate your mental and most importantly your wallet. Lshaey gives us a step by step process on how to keep non-believers on mute while making sure that we’re still creating time to fulfill our dreams. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know that I needed this gem like yesterday. Sis if you’re reading this, know that I appreciate you, keep the gems coming.

sean taylor.jpg

Meet Sean,

Producer and childhood friend of mine, Sean Taylor recently just re-released some of my favorite edits from his discography via Soundcloud. One of those included “Celebs on my Beeper” an edit that he produced sampling Project Pat’s “Ballers.” If you’re a fan of classic Southern Hip-Hop I highly recommend giving Sean’s Soundcloud a listen, and don’t be shy to send him a shout out on Twitter/Instagram. Sean if you’re reading this, the people want more edits asap!


Meet Jaron,

Jaron Richardson, also known as, Lefthandlomein, happens to be another great friend of mine that I met while growing up in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Jay has been releasing original productions since as long as I could remember. I can always recall discovering them on my own and begging him to give them to me so I could write to it (lol)
Recent CofC grad, Jay still find the time to keep his Soundcloud active with original edits at least every 2-3 months. I dug up a personal favorite of mine “Egyptian River (denial)” that sampled yet another favorite of mine, a quiet-storm classic, “You are my Starship” by Norman Connors. Now it is a tease by barely being 1:30 minutes long, but it is a tease well spent.


Meet Blanco,

West-Coast based producer Blanco found his way into my heart with the release of his  2016 ep, December. The full album is 12 tracks, 30 minutes, and 15 seconds long of alternative R&B bliss. Most of the project consist of production with heavy bass lines and hi-hats that narrates a story of its own without using the context of any lyricism.  

Songs like "U were at the right place at the right time" and "I wanna go to the aquarium" caught my attention while the first track from the ep "American Apparel" sealed the deal. "American Apparel" is the perfect track to place on repeat after you've come home from a long day and you just need that extra push to help you alleviate the distractions of the world around you.