Groove Therapy

Curated By PoppyNative


It's been a continuous whirlwind of events since November 8th of last year. That fall afternoon had us in shock, confusion, and civil unrest, leaving us weary of the days that waited ahead. With a small amount of lingering hope in the air, many of us were still visualizing an imperfect world where we could co exist with a not so ideal cabinet of leadership. After all, we've survived the unimaginable countless times before, right? 

The first few weeks under the presidency of Donald Trump has immensely affected the hearts of many. A saddening, unrest, and anxious thirst for justice is all that many of us can seem to wrap our heads around. That's all that we truly desire at this crucial moment in time. Peace and justice is all that anyone has ever wanted, but how do you respond when your source of hope has been ripped from you in a legal attack of immorality? 

So here we are. 

Wednesday, Feburary 1, 2017. Prince is gone, Muhammad Ali is gone, a bigot is POTUS and it's day five of the most modernized form of race genocide to date. On Friday, January 27th, your potus signed an executive order to ban Syrian refugees admission to the United States, while in addition, limiting refugees from other countries outside of Syria as well. 

For those of you that are not refugees or have never been conspired against, you may find yourself internalizing a depressive state of stagnancy, but note that this does not have to be your position. It's true that there are no words to soothe the hearts of the families and loved ones that will be seperated during this time, but, if anything that truth should initiate action. 

Here are some amazing causes that are more than present within the fight to assist Syrian refugees and prioritize civil necessities:

Much simpler, it was only right to let the revolutionary sounds of the generation before us guide us with a soundtrack for the days ahead. This month's edition of Groove Therapy isn't about Trump, it's about healing the hearts that has been broken during times of warfare, and remaining grateful for our existence despite the hardships we will face. Enjoy the sounds of blues, psychedelic soul, gospel, and rock on this month's installment of Groove Therapy.


And remember, remain hopeful.