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Not many people know about the Charleston Hip Hop scene. Not too many care about South Carolina music in general. Native creative Black Dave had a problem with that, and he set out to change it. Insert Hip Hop Monthly Shows.

Since December 2015, Hip Hop Monthly has been a showcase DJ'd and ran by Black Dave at Joe Pasta on King, occasionally giving us spins from Tribe favourite DJ Scrib. These shows feature talent from all over the state in carefully curated lineups, depending on their niche. We’ve experienced soulful sessions headlined by Benny Starr & Neicy Blues, a troop of groups featuring Oxyxmoron and 803 The Clique, the Columbia invasion & more in just the past few months. These shows usually take place at the beginning of each month, giving us live performances with a dance party as the night winds down. If you would like to stay up to date on these shows visit charlestonhype.com to stay current. If you want to come out and turn up with us, get there early! The shows are only $5 and space fills up fast. Enjoy this snapchat montage of our Hip Hop Monthly experiences below, and come out to create your own.

 Flyer by: concept_Rxch

 Flyer by: concept_Rxch