Hey Vibe Tribe! We know you saw glimpses from our amazing weekend in Raleigh, NC, for Hopscotch Music Festival, but there was so much more! We can’t fit everything in one post, so we’ve decided to give you this brief recap of some of our favorite performances from that 3 day music binge.

hopscotch recap 18.JPG


We told you we were going prepared to sweat, and Bolevards did not disappoint! We were all danced out by the time he hopped in the crowd, but that didn’t stop Sabrina (our resident Boogie Champion) from taking a shimmy down the make shift soul train line with the Triangle native. There wasn’t a soul who could stand still, and we’re still waiting on the next show so we can dance some pounds off.


Karaoke the band was a pleasant surprise. They weren’t on our festival list, but they ended up playing a day party at Neptunes that we attended to support Niecy Blues, and we instantly fell in love with the lady fronted rock band. We stayed through the whole set, because how could we not? Smooth vocals layered over heavy bass and feverish drums, we were hooked.



Black box theory

Here’s another one who surprised us (and ended up kicking it with us all weekend, because he’s so cool lol). We watched this dude set up and something clicked that said “Stay, you don't want to miss this.” We honestly would have regretted this. Black Box Theory is the atmospheric house mosh pit of music that makes it impossible for you to stand still. If 80’s club music isn’t back yet, he’s sure to aid in the revival. Blood Orange would be so proud.



We knew we were destined to be mesmerized by this artist, who made our Festival Guide because of her striking visuals and majestic sound. We were still blown away (and definitely in a trance) by the set Gudiya laid before the Hopscotch crowd. It felt like being inside of a botanical garden with butterflies that head banged to Britney Spears and traditional Indian chants. We couldn’t take our eyes away from her, and when it was over we felt like we had just been time warped back into our bodies. It was EPIC.



This was one of the most heartfelt performances that we’ve seen in awhile. Shortly before the show, Thundercat was informed that one of his closest friends, Mac Miller, had passed away suddenly in his home. He dedicated his entire set to Miller, and you could literally feel his hurt in every song. There were times he turned away from the crowd, strumming up a fury, and we grieved with him in every note. His performance was a testament to how much artists have to put up with mentally and emotionally to give us their all. Our hearts and prayers are still with Thundercat as he grieves.


moses sumney

Oh. Moses. If you don’t follow us on social media, you didn’t catch our Social Media Maven AsiahMae in her totally magical swoon worthy moment with Mr. Sumney himself. After a bit of technical difficulty, we were finally able to hear the voice that we waited so long for. Then, this angel of a man jumps off stage, grabs Asiah’s hand a proceeds to sing to her. The mood was so perfectly light and magical that we swear he brought the breeze with him. We still feel like his set was too short. WE WANT MORE MOSES!


2 slices

It’s always nice running into friends at festivals. It’s even bette when they’re performing. 2 Slices shut down a day party at Boxcar, this super amazing arcade in downtown Raleigh. We got to play Super Mario on a Super Nintendo and then head out to the deck to watch one of our hometown favs show NC why we stay with our 2’s up.


I don’t think we realized how important this performance was until we actually got inside of the venue and we were like whoa….Contour is opening for THE REVOLUTION. Like, this is Prince’s OG band, and a band from Charleston SC is the first act on the stage welcoming them. This was HUGE.We expected amazing from them. We got phenomenal. We Stan Contour and it’s no secret, but seriously, those boys are good.



vic mensa

Vic’s set was highly anticipated, and he didn’t disappoint. We love an artist who not only knows what he wants, but demands it. Vic was aggressive in the best ways, giving the crowd 110% as he too grieved the loss of his friend Mac Miller. His unique blend of grungy, street punk in what he calls “Suicide Depression Rap” makes you connect to him on much deeper level, and he truly poured himself into his set. This was the perfect end to our Hopscotch weekend.


Niecy blues

Niecy surprised us by performing not once but twice this weekend, with us catching her set at the Neptunes day party. Niecy, accompanied by ET Anderson, always delivers an amazing show, but it was something about this performance that really blew us away. We are truly witnessing the Emancipation of Niecy Blues. You can feel the freedom in her voice as well as in her arrangements. We’re seeing a more self assured and mature Blues, and we’re definitely digging it.



No one showed up and showed out more than Diaspoura at Hopscotch, hands down. She came with a full team: Zuri on style, Julie Chea on set design and visuals, and herself with the unapologetic brown girl attitude that we all know and love. We were treated to VIP for POC (we were told to come to the front and take up space since we don't usually get into these spaces), voice recordings from Sandra Bland, and a special performance of an unreleased track that we couldn't even have our phones out for (it was SO GOOD.) This set was definitely a major highlight, and we look forward to the continued evolution of Diaspora.