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Hopscotch Music festival guide

Hey Vibe Tribe! We're gearing up to take on Hopscotch Music Festival 2018 in Raleigh, NC tomorrow, and before we spend 3 days with the most diverse musical crowd in the US, we decided to give you a list of 10 acts that we're hype to see hit the stage. 

While we're super excited about some of the headliners (like Vic Mensa, Miguel and The Revolution are def in our top three to go see), we wanted to highlight some of the underground acts that make this festival so dope! Some we already knew of, and some we found out about during planning, but they're all worthy of your listen (and your coins!) Check out a few artists who are worthy of the hype down below, and be sure to follow along with us on instagram (@Illivibethetribe) for all of our shenanigans as we take on Hopscotch for the first time! 



This Asheville native's voice is literally the epitome of fall. She sounds like over sized sweaters and dancing barefoot on hardwood floors in the middle of October. Imagine the Juno soundtrack, but with more angst and attitude.It's the perfect blend of pop, folk and alternative rock.  If anything, we're excited about how cozy this set is going to be, and from her style, we're def getting merch. 

Listen to: "How I Get Myself Killed", "Take off Ur Pants", "Sleep Talking" 



Be prepared to DANCE! This Triangle Native is not playing games when you show up to his set. If he’s sweating, YOU will pour. If he’s busting a move, you might burn more calories than Taebo. This set is not for faint of heart or the too cool for school. A groovy blend of 80’s pop and 70’s funk, Boulevards is the dance party we’ve been needing. And yes, we packed our fanny packs.


Listen to: “Black As Hell”, “Move and Shout”, “Weekend Love”


Although she's now in Chapel Hill SC, Diaspoura will always be Charleston's Activist Sweetheart. We're fans, well more than fans we're stans and we're not afraid to show it. Seeing her on the Hopscotch stage is going to be a full on frenzy. Please, don't stand in front of us, we'll be the girls on the gate singing every words and letting the groovy electro pop waves wash over us in bliss. 

Listen to: "GTF", "Blue", "Forget You"


We had never heard of Shopping before receiving the Hopscotch line up, but in our weeks of prep for the festival we were captivated by not only the super rad aesthetic of this British post-punk trio, but by their wrong sound. I mean, it's British punk! You really can't go wrong there. We're ready to dance in all of our angst and shimmy away our worries with these folks.  

Listen to: "The Hype""Wild Child" "Why Wait"



How do we even….look. This man is the epitome of an artist. This is the first time we’re seeing him live and we’re going to try not to fan girl too hard, but honestly he’s worth losing your voice. An singer-songwriter who started with a cappella, Sumney doesn’t need much to stir the soul outside of his vocals, yet when he does it’s almost too much to handle. We’re going to try though, without question.


Listen to: “Plastic”, “Make Out In My Car”, “Ascension”.



Though you'd never hear her on traditional radio, Megan Remy has something to say and you can't help but listen. Not many artists can tackle topics like the #MeToo movement and fighting the patriarchy, but Remy does this flawlessly, and over 80's pop and disco at that. This is fighting music, and we stan a political queen!

Listen to: "M.A.H", "Woman's Work", "Damn That Valley"


A little taste of the Baltimore Club scene is making it's way down south via the revival kid, Abdu Ali. His style is a little bit more than club, a little bit more than rap, a little bit more than punk or ballroom. Maybe that's his thing, always being a little bit more. Either way, nobody expresses the intense feelings of being young, black and queer in the inner city the way Ali does, and we're ready to rage with him in pure activist bliss. 

Listen to: "Tears of a Black Mova", "Did Dat" "Keep Movin"


We rant and rave about Contour a lot, but can you blame us? This kid is the stuff dreams are made of. In a genre all his own, Contour can't be placed. While that drives most writers nuts, it makes our musical ears soar. You never know what to expect from the multi instrumental, genre defining artist, so we say expect nothing but to be blown away. This is a show we'd gladly pay for over and over (we have, and we will!)

Listen to: "Under Water Love" "I'll Be" "Tantrum in Azure"



If Gudiya had a tv show about her music, we would tune in every week without fail. She describes her music as “bhajans, babies, and bloodbaths”. How sick is that?! Her visuals are just as bad ass as her sound, and from what we've seen from past Hopscotch performances with her duo Sandpact, we know we're in for a stellar show. The Raleigh native packs a punch with her mix of traditional Indian bops, personal recordings and pop culture references, expressing the life of a rightfully angry, very artistic brown girl living under the Mason Dixon. We wouldn't miss this for the world.

Listen to: "Chak Doom Doom", "Askon", "Taut"



Stephen Lee Bruner is better known by his stage name Thundercat, and honestly it fits him better. Having scored his first minor hit at 15 and workin as a session musician for the likes of Flying Lotus and Erykah Badu, Thundercat is what you would call a seasoned player, and it shows. He’s multi instrumental, multi dimensional, and cooler than anyone else you know. This eclectic artist is a wild card, basically Adult Swim in human form, and we’re expecting no less than a wild night with him on stage.


Listen to: “Walkin”, “Them Changes” “Charm Song”


If you're interested in these artists and want to get into their music, don't fret! We've put together a playlist of songs from each of them (and more!) over on our Soundcloud. Click the link below to check them out, and we'll see you tomorrow with the live updates!

HopScotch Playlist 2018