Hue Feel Me?!

[Sepia Series]


In the late 1940s/early 1950s,rhythm and blues music was called race music or sepia music. It makes sense that the R&B artists of the 90's used this hue so much in their videos. It's a homage to the artists before them, the monochrome filters used to highlight the red, yellow and brown undertones of Black people's skin. Sepia is a reddish-brown color, named after the rich brown pigment derived from the ink sac of the cuttlefish Sepia. The origin of this color back even further, as it was used in Ancient Greek scroll rather than black ink. 

Sepia gives us the feeling of nostalgia, of romance and of sentimental times.It can make us cry, tears of sorrow or of joy. It invokes joy and pride, often used as a tool to celebrate blackness in it's purest form. Most commonly it is used for grounding, which heavily associates with it's use in the videos below. Check some of our favorite sepia hued videos from the 90's (it was so hard to choose!) and get into the groove! 

D'Angelo was the King of Sensuality in the 90's and this video captured the entire essence of him. The sepia was in every scene, illuminating the skin of the melanin rich actors, himself included, making everyone so much more poppin. 

This sexy video oozed sensuality and creativity. The 90's was an amazing era of black pride and this tinted video showcased that pride and Afrofuturism in such a special way. 

Honestly, this video is mainly here for DMX looking so buttery and brown underneath this hue. Even his jumpsuit was a shade of sepia and it just...whew. Yes. Do we collectively consider him a 90's bae? We should. 

Arguably one of the flyest 90's duos, Zhane not only gave us an entire Sepia colored video, but they gave you full blown 90's-r&b-in the desert- slaying with vocals and beats. It doesn't get more 90's than this. 

Total doesn't get their due for being such baddies in the 90's. Diddy knew what he was doing with them and this video. Everybody wanted to be a member after this. 

Two Queen, shining literally and figuratively in the video. The hue compliments not only their skintones but the concept of the movie, The Prince of Egypt (one of the only accurate movies depectiving Egyptians but, that's for another day :))