Hue Feel Me?!

[Pink SEries]

Pink. The granddaughter of Purple. The baby sister of Red. Blue’s crush. That one sangin’ white girl we really thought was black. Pink is love, unconditional. Think of Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. It's friendship and romance, it's flirtation and puppy love. The more vibrant tones (magenta, hot pink, coral, salmon) are often used to show feminine aggression, while the lighter tones are more for  youthful and pure characters. If hot pink is the lusty older sister with the boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks, light pink is the little sister with the braces who crushes from her bedroom window.

It's the color associated with femininity, and innocence, and when videos use this color it's usually to tap into that softer side of our beings. In spirituality, thought you would think it's in the root chakra family, pink is a heart chakra affiliate, radiating love and nurturing vibrations when it's stones are near.

Chrisette Michele- Together

This video is the very essence of vulnerability, sensuality, and softness. From the soft pink tones to the plush tulle texture to the violins playing ever so gently. This video uses pink to echo the harps of love and the feeling of being completely immersed in it.The hint of blue lighting brings just enough balance of masculinity and sensuality.

Kali Uchis - Loner

Kali is the ultimate lonely babe in this adorably dark video. The pink hues give her an air of innocence to rival her surly pouts, womanly figure and aggressive aura.

Brandi-Sitting in my room

Pure and loving as ever, Brandy was the 90’s girl next door and this song might as well have been her anthem. The youthfulness of colors in her bedroom sets the Vibe as she sings of yearning for her young love’s attention.

Check up on it-Beyonce

Literally the softer femme fatale. King Bey in her Baby Bey stage showed us how we could combine soft, sexy and badass using the most feminine color of all, and some very early 00’s dance moves.

Rihanna - Work

The vibes from this video was almost too much for 2016. Seductive and yet still so cute, Work is a 3 minute flirt session enhanced by neon pinks, soft blues, and Rhianna’s eyes. Basically you can watch this video all day and keep the warm fuzzies coming.