I got a lot to be mad about

Artist Accountability




As artists, especially indie artists, we can sometimes get the impression that we don't have any social responsibility because we’re independent. We make our own hours, pay our our bills, we don't owe anyone anything right?




Artists drive the culture, and it is our responsibility to not only reflect the times, but speak accurately about them. When we don't, we need to be held accountable. Not everyone is meant to be a role model, but when you have a platform and you choose to speak on it, speak responsibly. Especially about things that affect the livelihood of our communities and the very people who are supporting you. Things are shifting in our country at this moment, and now is the time to really use our power to push. Just as there was the Harlem Renaissance, there is a renaissance of our on going on, and we can't have people throwing around words carelessly as if we don't have anything at stake. Everything is at stake. This is urgent. And in order for us to move forward as a unit, we have to hold everyone accountable. Everyone.


This is a mid week mental health reminder just to say Artists, though you may not be signed or have 100k Twitter followers, you have power. You have a voice. Think about how you want to use you your influence before you speak and be mindful of the impact you will have on the people and places around you no matter what you do. Don't trivialize or brush off the concerns of your peers, and above all else, listen. Learn. We have a lot to be mad about, but no time to be mad at each other.


Love always,

The Tribe.