Tribe Citizen

Illustrator// Graphic Designer

Jeffry Paige

Who is Jeffrey and what is his contribution to art?

“Jeffrey is...I want to say one of the most diverse people. I'm trying to be as innovative as possible. And like, a positive person. That's one of my main things, I'm very compassionate. I know people always evolve but as of right now this kind of person is Jeffery, just and innovative compassionate person trying to bring new ideas. That's me right now.”

What are some misconceptions about graphic designers or illustrators  that you had to face?

“Well actually learning how to do it was pretty hard, but finding your style and trying not copying anybody or mimic anybody’s work. The hardest thing for me, I'm a perfectionist and I want it about perfect. I have so many ideas and things I want to do and there isn't enough time in the day unless I just drop everything and focus on my art style. I can't do it all, I have to stay focused on one thing, and slowly evolve and make it better. I want to do it all now but I know I don't have the time.  I think a lot of people's problem is they don't want to take the time to learn how to do certain things and have it as good as possible.”

SH: So it's hard to grasp that you don't learn one thing and that's it. You have to understand, it's layers to this. That's harder than people realise.


“And not being one dimensional. I'm an illustrator but I'm a graphic designer too. I do logos all the time, I do it all. If you have a style and it works I guess keep doing it but I always preach innovation.”


So what is your ideal career?

“Like, a character designer, that's my main thing. I want to do freelancing too but i really want to design characters for movies. I want to use graphics as my way to get into cartooning, then eventually movies and all kinds of stuff.  Right now if I had to choose, i’d be designing more clothes, bringing more graphics to fashion and switching it up. I think in the graphic world we under appreciate typography and that's one of my favourite things, I like typography more than I like illustration. I want people to see that this is the graphic world, I want these black kids to see it as something cool they can do. That right now. Long term I want to be...I want to dress like a futuristic cowboy haha I want to bridge the gap between that past and the future. I'm all over the place, but when you have so many ideas it happens.”

Who are some artists you look up to?

“Definitely Salvador Dalí, Johannes Gutenberg, Kanye, Pharrell, Raphael, Sandro Botticelli.  Those are the people I like. A lot of people go straight to Davinci or Picasso or Basquiat, and I love them too but lots of people just jump on the bandwagon. I want to talk about people in the graphic community that people wouldn't think to look up, like Alfred Hitchcock.”


Being an artist, what's the hardest part about reaching the next level of your goals?


“Time and commitment. It's always a lot of self discipline involved. Some people do a lot of drugs & say that's what helps them do art, but it's a vice. You have to find the time to do what you need to do. I'm not lazy, but that's the hardest thing for me. I just want to lay around and play the game or watch than rather than perfect my style. I play the game a lot now because I feel like I'm going to be really successful and not have time to play in the future so I get it in now haha. So it's really all about using your time, and having faith in your work.”



If you weren't an artist what would you be?


“I think about that a lot haha I would probably be an astrophysicist or something to do with stars or outer space. I love it, and I'm trying to find out the truth man.”


(At this point, Asiah, Jeffery and I go off on an ultra nerdy conspiracy theory trip, exchanging alien stories. Of course, this changed the course of the interview haha ^_^)


Ok so it's the apocalypse and the alien takeover, what's your escape plan?


“First of all, I'm going to the gun store even though I know everybody's gonna be there. I might be dressed as an alien just to blend in. Like if it's the Walking Dead, I'm going to be a zombie. It's kinda cliche but there are no guns in my house so I'm trying to get in and get to like, an underground shelter. I've seen too much stuff, and I watch a bunch of ole crazy stuff so I know what to do.”


(Once again, alien theories. Asiah thinks they're coming for weed, via crop circles. Sabrina doesn't think they're coming for us. Jeffrey thinks they're coming for water.)


So ok you are forced to evacuate earth. You can only take 3 THINGS (not people) with you. What are you grabbing?


“Uhhhhhh...probably, no definitely a gun. Maybe…I don't know if fire or a lighter would work. I don't know man, maybe a bible? Haha or like a knife, or a machete. At least one of my hats, I gotta be fly. I can't be walking around looking crazy. And, definitely my computer. Or some headphones. No. Some headphones, some noise cancelling headphones. I can't sleep in a big room with people snoring, I hate snoring with a passion. I can't do it. So a knife, one of my hats & some headphones. Final answers.