Magic at the olympics

“Just because we’re magic, doesn't mean we not real”.

Apparently, some spectators and participants in the 2016 Olympics didn't watch the BET Awards. Go figure. Everytime we get on social media we see someone trying to slander our babies for their hard work and talents, even their hair! (Please show me the black woman who can go to the gym and work as hard as Gabby Douglas and keep her edges intact, I’LL WAIT.) They try to act like these girls aren't real, that they couldn't possibly train and earn these medals like the rest of the world, so we’ve decided to say bump that. Not on our watch. You gon get this magic.

Photo:Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian 

Photo:Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian 

Raven Saunders

Burke High gets a lot of flack, as if it hasn't been the breeding ground for some of the most influential people in Charleston, and not to mention the best High School band this side of the land. (I’m just going to throw this out there that [WHEN] she brings home the Gold, someone has to get the old band together and let’s get this parade popping!) Amongst the star studded Alumni we now have Raven Saunders to add to the Roster of groundbreaking Charlestonians. The toss of 64 feet, 3 1/4 inches put Raven Saunders into third place, qualifying her for the 2016 Rio Olympics. And can we talk about community magic for a second because shoutout to Charleston for raising  $22,895 helping to send Raven’s mom, aunt and sister to Rio to watch their babygirl.

Simone biles

PUT SOME RESPECK ON HER NAME. On August 7th, 2016 Simone made history by being the first ever African American woman to win all 4 gymnastic world titles and the first woman to win all four in over 40 years.

Baby girl is out here wowing these judges with a move she created called “the Biles” which (in non-Olympian terms) is two back flips followed by a half twist. Did we mention she’s the ONLY gymnast in the world who has ever done this move successfully in competition. Heck she's the only who does it period. Aside from her kick ass skills, she is the rose that grew from the concrete. Born with a mother battling drugs, Bile’s grandparents stepped up to raise Simone, encouraging her and always telling her to just have fun, to be “the best Simone she can be”, never expecting that that encouragement and drive would lead her to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Photo: Matthias

Photo: Matthias

gabby doug.jpg

Gabby Douglas

Allow us to reintroduce Gabby Douglas, yes, the first African American to win Individual All-Around Champion. Up until 2012 Gabby was the only American to win Gold Medals in both individual and team competitions in the same olympic year. Remember her? Remember after she exploded on Olympic scene 4 years ago, she came back home to Kellogg endorsements, her own Barbie, AND one of the best Biopic gymnasts movies of this time. So no, we don’t care if she can't dougie, whip, or milly rock because she can land a double flip on the uneven bars AND stick her dismount while bringing our country the Gold. So you’ll just have to deal.


Magic returns. In the 2012 London Olympics the women's track and field team completely  shattered a world record for Women’s 4x100m relay with a time of 40.82. The previous record had been in place since 1985. Some members of this record breaking team include of Allyson Felix, the first woman since 1988 to win three gold medals at a single Olympic game. Sonya Richards-Ross who was the first US woman to win the Women's 400m. Dawn Harper who tied for best performance in women’s 100m hurdles & Brigetta Barret winning the silver medal in the women’s HJ. Lashina Demus the 2012 silver medalist for the 400 meter hurdles. And believe us, the list goes on.