MidWeek Mental Health reminder




Hey Tribe! We're back with your MidWeek Mental Health Reminder! This week's guest is (I forget the name she goes by) and we fell in love with not only her amazing tea blends, but her knowledge of the earth around us and how it heals. Check out her words below and happy healing!

Our bodies function on a biochemical equilibrium maintained by harmonious interaction of corresponding systems and hormones. When we aren't at our optimal states, or exposing our selves to harmful, unnatural substances, one system in lack will directly and indirectly effect all the others causing an all around imbalance resulting in anxiety, headaches, depression, diabetes, fatigue and other weighing symptoms that signal the bodies dis-ease.  To "cure" these ailments we rely on artificial means of medicine that isolate and numb symptoms without healing the root of an imbalance. As we become more aware of our spatial realities, and connection to nature that we understand to be divine, we begin to tap into means of natural healing and resorting back to original means of self preservation and longevity in quest of self remembrance. 
     This now introduces us to a wide range of ancient and modern healing methods and plants that allow us to relieve and experience our best form of physical self  leading into mental, emotional and spiritual refinement and power. To start, let us deal in general and common ailments that the modern wo/man experiences and come to herbal conclusions. Tension, anxiety, headaches, worry, stress, soreness and fatigue can all be relieved and healed with some common herbs like lavender, chamomile, mugwort and basil. In combination or alone making teas of these herbs will allow them to absorb into the digestive system and circulatory to work on your nervous system, regulate stress hormones and ease the mind. You can also get creative and pour the tea blend into a bath to help reduce built bodily tension and in response to topical exposure help the muscular system. 
    Now to get to the other spectrum of self love and development are herbal remedies that induce high energy levels, mental stimulation and ability to last a little longer. If you feel your foods been sitting for a bit or its hard to get up or even feeling sluggish only half way through the day these can all be signs of your bodies lack or slow reaction to digestion, absorption, production and regulation of its systems to allow you to maintain normal energy levels and in turn you consumes even more energy unconsciously attempting to overcompensate for its lack. To get that fire going we can dabble in plants such as Licorice, ginger, gingko, rose, and motherwort. These herbs help in increasing blood circulation, mental clarity, boosting sex drive, and opening centers of self expression through aid of respiratory systems. 
   So to put it simply sticking to natural means of healing and self care only leads to reaching natural balances within on all levels of being. Our bodies ARE our temples, our vehicles, our machines and if yours isn't checked regularly - self reflection, listened to for misfires - emotional understanding, washed and waxed - refinement of self image and projection, than eventually we will break down and dissolve under pressures of neglect. Thanks for the joining the cypher and stay healthy and beautiful.