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Matt Monday

On Saturday Matt Monday brought together some of South Carolina’s hip hop gems to join him on stage for what was rumored to be his last performance in Charleston for while. The line-up included country rap cousin to S.W.I.M, Salis, also known as Cadillac Salis. Salis gave a high energy performance with songs reminiscent of red candy paint and chili bears. OxyxMoron followed next, performing the classics from their infamous album “The Woods”, which if you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? By the time Monday came out, the crowd was hyped and ready to go. The hometown hip hop star did not disappoint, he reminded us why he’s the best in his city. At the end of the night Sonny Digital turnt us all up, playing all of the southern anthems he produced over the years. We got to catch up with Matt after the show and dig a little more into his inspiration, vision for the local Hip Hop scene, and future plans.

1. Who is Matt Monday and when did you fall in love with your art?

Matt Monday is the second coming of the Southern Lord Soulja Slim, predecessor of Juve the Great. I fell in love with music after the first time I heard "Soulja Rags" and "Guerrilla Warfare"

2. Why the switch from Righchus to Monday?

Easier to brand, and we didn't effect to ever really take off. We just enjoyed making music.

3. Why was it so important to have this show in Charleston when you could have easily done it in Atlanta?

Charleston is home. I really want to help build the hip hop community here. Most people here have never seen Sonny , who I'm a huge fan of, so I wanted to bring something new.



4. Rumor has it this is your last Charleston show, what lead to that decision?

Several reasons. Shows in Charleston are becoming harder and harder to execute because the lack of support from the hip hop community and the owners of venues where we want to cultivate do not embrace hip hop. Also I've been performing here for years and it's time to move on. I mean how many times in a year can you see a Matt Monday show, ha!



Oh, and just in case you're wondering what a Sonny Digital looks like...

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