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Concept RXCH


Have you ever met someone, known them for a long time, and still didn’t know the extreme depths of their mind? That’s how we feel about this artist. Meet CONCEPT RXCH, your favorite artist’s visual artist that has been taking the world by storm in 2017. He’s been around for years, but this has truly been his come up. From creating cover art for SC favs Benjamin Starr, Matt Monday and more, to designing Nitty Scott, MC’s “CREATURE” album, to launching his “CONCEPT: FEM” show series and even having a BANY (his home collective)  sponsored show in NY, RXCH has been on the move. Luckily, we got this fast moving visual genius to slow down for a minute and give us a quick dive into his mind. Check out some of his recent inspirations and more, below.


c o n c e p t  r x c h

1. Something about this photo, it just flows well to me. I appreciate
the sense of movement. I appreciate the asymmetrical elements.
2. I enjoy exploring the human body in my artwork, the anatomy of such
an amazing tool. Seeing the ins and outs of it, how it works, skin
colors, the whole works.
It's inspiring.
3. Black is my favorite color to wear, by itself and in combination
with complemetary colors. In love with the mininalism in my clothing
and it extends to my art.
4.Hillside United, "Wonder". I just really love the colors and the
mininalism / typography and texture involved. Visuals Artist things
5. Alton Mason is one of my favorite models, his skin color and unique
looks caught my attention. In addition to how perfect this shot is.
The Blues Reds and Whites really set it off.
6. Shottas is one of my all time fav movies, Because of the Jamaican
culture and edge and character designs involved. It's just very grimey
and I appreciate that.
7. I'm not sure one what it is about this one. Colors, Lines, the
Dots, the overall placement of the central piece. It's aesthetically
pleasing. It embodies jazz to me.
8. Grace Jones is one of my biggest inspirations visually, her style,
her entire demeanor, everything about her. This piece is essentially
an extention of that. She and the photographer's creative chemistry
really showed on this one.
9. As far as this one goes, Japanese culture is another that serves as
an inspiration to me. I've always found the architecture there amazing
as well. This photo gives me all of that, it's one of my favorite
images right now, it feels psychedelic and surreal.
10. Growing up in the south, Three 6 Mafia was one of those things
that got passed down to us from older cousins. We felt it represented
a life we identify with through our family members. In addition to the
music, i also find their album art styles to be one of a kind. It's
southern, gritty, dark, flashy, it's street. it's all of those things
at one time. That's amazing.
11. I've never given cypress hill's music a listen to be honest, i
will at some point. As far this photo goes it's attractive to me, it
reminds me of old punk rock shirts.