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Late one Friday night at a Matt Monday album release show, a lanky little chocolate boy with translucent heart shaped sunglasses and a baby pink hoodie awkwardly staggered onto the stage introducing himself. I remember being slightly intoxicated, not really paying attention, but being amused by this kid and his aura. 1 song into his set and I was drunk. Not from alcohol, but by the sheer essence of this person so sure of who he was and his sound that I had to find him afterwards and tell him I was in love. Some people know him as Contour, the experimental, multifaceted artist the city is buzzing around. Here, he sheds his stage name to give you Khari Lucas, the man behind the sound, as he curates the inside of his mind for this month’s Moodboard. Enjoy.

Photo by  @blackdavemadeit


When I started this process I agonized about finding things that were gonna reflect the totality of myself. As I thought more about it i realized that the self is incredibly fluid, and that to try and fully encapsulate myself with a set of pictures was futile, so I just decided to reflect where my head's been at as of late. My first two pictures are works of art by Bryant D Giles. I picked these because they, as well as his art style, resonate with the way I feel about my mind most times. I often struggle with feeling neurotic and one of the things i've learned to love about myself is the ability i've cultivated in dealing with the way my mind works. The artfully dysfunctional mind of the creative. I included a couple of stills from my current favorite music video director, Collin Tilley, because film/directing is currently one area of art i'm diving into. The first cap is for Kendrick Lamar's "Alright" and the second is for Flying Lotus's "Until the Quiet Comes". His attention to detail and ability to capture large concepts in short amounts of time inspire me. Then I included a picture of Sade and Patrice Rushen just as examples of the many women who have inspired me with their art. I look up to female artists more than male artists at times because their works connect to a more tender part of me in a way that's hard to find in a lot of work, especially today. I think it's important to remain connected to my tender side because society discourages me from doing so on a daily basis. Finally, I included a picture that represents a goal to me in quality in each aspect of my music setup. First is Shigeto's home studio, filled with instruments and gear (and also very tidy). Then is Dam Funk's record collection (watch his Boiler Room Collection's session if you haven't). Finally is Floating Points' live rig (watch his Thump Session as well). I look to all of these people to continue to motivate me to get where I see myself years from now in my craft.