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Photography by: Tiffany Pretlow

Photography by: Tiffany Pretlow

We’re back with the Moodboard segment and this time you’re really in for a treat! This month’s Moodboard comes from Charleston’s kick ass, “art making, culture shifting, gender bending,” all around creative Diaspoura. The first time we watched her perform, we were shook. Here was this tiny little girl, so cute you wanted to put her in your pocket, and she opened her mouth to reveal the most hypnotic sounds. It felt like we were being baptized in mystic vibrations, and we’ve been waiting to get a peak inside her brain. Her artistry puts you in the mind frame of Bjork, Solange and MIA. She takes no prisoners, and with her art or her activism, two things she intertwines seamlessly. Her moodboard made us feel like the biggest baddies on the block, and we’re hoping you’ll feel just as dope after checking out this highly femme, highly iridescent, collage of colors and feels. Enjoy!

D I A S P O U R A 

More and more these days, my life revolves around the computer. I produce and perform music from my laptop, and I'm coding a lot to finish up my Computing In the Arts degree. My relationship to my tech is complicated and would worry many people. It can cause me deep stress, but I also turn to it for release. Can't help that I find so much of my power in pixels. Some next level artists that are getting me through:: Awol Erizku, Ayqa Khan, Petra Collins, Petra Cortright, Tabita Rezaire and Rachel Rossin. A meme by @BollywoodExistentialism. New releases from art moms:: MIA and Beyonce. Lip color on my mind. I'm channeling a high-tech, high-femme, high-vibrating self in this unreal political moment.