Mood board


Emperor Timeline

timeline art binge.jpg

Emperor Timeline first appeared on our radar after performing at a Shop Ode popup Shop in 2015. He, along with Goose Rage, introduced themselves as members of Columbia SC Collective 803theClique, and then proceeded to murder the mic with Outkast-esque flows and millionaire confidence. Needless to say, we’ve been fans since. This masked warrior not only raps but produces, mixes, coordinates for his crew, dabbles in film and a little sketch comedy, and always manages to stay humble while actually having the skills to brag on. He’s SC’s own Donald Glover, and we’re super excited he decided to drop us a moodboard this month! Check out what’s going on in the mind of an Emperor below.


E M P E R O R.  T I M E L I N E 

  • These first two pictures symbolize peace and tranquility. It represents my ultimate goal which is to live a quiet, comfortable life with my family. I’m not that complex. Haha.
  • The Wu-Tang Clan represents the strength of a bond, family. It’s always been my dream to have a big family and close friends that you can trust, and count on. That was part of the reason for forming 803 the Clique.  I was never really too close with my family, with the exception of one of my brothers, J Danzo. I missed out on a lot of family moments, something I regret. 
  •  Like the influence of Wu-Tang, 803 the Clique will have the ability to transcend music and bring people together using our platform to illustrate all values of life.
  • Mystery and light within the darkness. Changing lives from the shadows in a positive manner. Let your accomplishments speak not your words. 

  • Sounds that outlast time. My musical goal. These are the artists that come to mind.