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Kayla St. Cloud

Photo by  Michael Dantzler

Let us introduce you to the hardest working millennial in South Carolina, Ms. Kayla St. Cloud. Maybe you've seen her hosting her wildly popular art showcase, SoulsNSubstance, or on the mic holding it down at YSWN. Maybe you've seen her on panels at your schools discussing entrepreneurship and ladies empowerment, on her YouTube channel (Soul)cial Conscious laying down the facts on black consciousness, or on the front lines in that video protest of the KKK rally at the state house. Either way, you know Kayla St. Cloud, and you can't knock her hustle. Baby girl wears all the hats and she makes it look easy.  This month we were lucky to have her as our mood board feature, and she takes us on a personal  journey of inspiration as she prepares to wear a new hat: Mom.

Art by:    Fart.pdf

Art by: Fart.pdf

K A Y L A  ST. C L O U D 

This month I've been dealing with accepting and being present in my pregnancy. Accepting the new life ahead of me & accepting the fact that this pregnancy is bigger than me. It's been one of the biggest tests of faith that I've been dealt so far. It has made me question how much I have faith in God and how much I believe He loves me. Now more than anything I need faith, love, and strength. These images sum up what I've been going through mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. They've reminded me of my strength, my divinity, and my connection to God. Giving birth to identical triplets is a 1 in 200 million occurrence. Earlier on in my pregnancy I used to say "Why couldn't I have won the lottery?" but I think I've won something much greater. Being able to carry life is an honor and being chosen to be the mother to these miracles is a blessing. I'm present, God, and I'm aware that your vision spans much farther than mine. I believe wholeheartedly in you and I trust you with my life. You love me.


I chose photos of the ocean because I relate to water. The ocean can be unforgiving, it can take your life away in an instant but it can also be calming. It's humbling because it reminds me of my size and my importance in this world. I view life the same way I view oceans. No matter how scary it might be at times I always come back, knowing it can swallow me whole, but I find comfort there. In life and the ocean. 

Be sure to click flyer for tickets and to register to perform. Hope to see y'all there!  Art by:    Fart.pdf

Be sure to click flyer for tickets and to register to perform. Hope to see y'all there!

Art by: Fart.pdf