Mothers You Are Appreciated

Today is for the mamas, the mama's mamas, the baby mama's mamas. The step mamas, the god mamas, the sisters/cousins/aunties that act like mamas. The ones who fed you, clothed you, make sure that even if you weren't in designer you were still clean every day before that bus came. The ones that taught us how to survive, dished out tough love, and always had your back. Today is for the mamas, the new mamas, the old mamas, the ones with beans in the oven and the ones still trying to stir the pot. Even if you got your bean from someone else, this one is for you. We can never pay you back, but the plan is to show you that we understand. You are appreciated. Happy Mother's Day, love The Tribe. 

Baby Bri

Baby Bri

Because of this woman I understand what it means to be selfless, to be a friend, and to be open. She's always allowed me to push myself and dream big. She is my best friend and I'm so thankful for our relationship.

Murda Mira and Momma Chelle

Murda Mira and Momma Chelle

Mother , the closets thing to God. All the beauty and strength endured to birth a creative is love not in vain, yet everlasting. We give many thanks for your smile. Joy is an understatement as we celebrate you giving life.

There are not many words I can say to express my ever growing gratitude. Too many times in life we take so many things for granted and getting older makes me understand having a mother is a privilege. 

How do you deal with the ups and downs ? - Just be grateful 

The creator saw fit that you were worthy of having someone who loves you eternally, someone who is always there, just be thankful. 

As I embark on this trail of womanhood, I only hope to be half the woman you are.

then Cole said , LOVE YOURZ

love you ma !


Yung Tiberius, Umi & "Fruit", aka A$iahMae.

Yung Tiberius, Umi & "Fruit", aka A$iahMae.

My Umi had my brother at 19, and me at 21, and by the time she was 23 she was divorced in a whole different state, so I've basically watched this woman grow up and find herself while raising two (now 3) kids. She's always been my backbone, and because of her pushing me to always be myself & never give up on my dreams I'm as carefree as any black girl can be. I have my dad's skin tone & his eyes, but I have my Umi's heart, & I'm most proud of that.

DJ Scrib + Momma Scrib

DJ Scrib + Momma Scrib

She has always been there to talk to me as I grew out of my little boy shoes and step foot into the large shoes of a man. I love that she has been there whenever needed. That's our relationship!

Author & Designer : Willie Kinard and Mom

Author & Designer : Willie Kinard and Mom

Second-hand (4/30)


I am on a journey

in borrowed parts.

One grandma’s hands,

my father’s mustache,

my mother passing

perhaps the most useful

of these hand-me-downs.


Her feet, having carried me

through hell and high water,

and her words, that say

I have yet to not arrive

both safely and on time.

Ms. Tina-  Poet

Ms. Tina- Poet

I can remember the first time I saw her cry.. Since then, I promised myself I'd do anything I can do to put a smile on her face. My mom is literally my everything. She's always been there for me. I wish 'I love you' or 'thank you' is enough, but it's just not. 

Be sure to check out this poem written by Ms. Tina for her mother. Featuring Jermaine. Happy Mother's Day Tribe!