Midweek mental health reminder

Moonlighting your dreams

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This past weekend,

we watched history as we closed out an amazing Black History Month. The film phenomenon Moonlight won Best Supporting Actor in Mahershala Ali, making him the first Muslim to ever win an academy award, Best Writing Adapted Screenplay and in one of the trashiest moves ever seen on tv, Best Picture, one of the highest Oscars honors. None of us doubted that Moonlight deserved all the awards, but the message winning sent was beyond the storyline.



How many of us have felt like giving up? Like we weren't good enough or didn't have enough money or that nobody would get your story? It's a common thread among artists: this is not going to be received well. Moonlight proved us wrong. Moonlight said to us, our stories are needed. Our voices are needed. Little odd, queer, brown, black, awkward people, somebody has to speak for them. Why can't it be us? Why can't it be you? Start your dreams TODAY. It doesn't matter if you have it all together, start SOMEWHERE. Start plotting, start painting, start watching YouTube tutorials, start writing, start drawing, start storyboarding, start learning, START. Find a team that seeing your vision, work together to cultivate magic. You can do it, we promise.

When we tell our own stories, sparks fly. There is a certain magic that comes from a person who has lived in their truths, taken time to nurture and care for a project, and releases that baby to the world. We are forever grateful for the inspiration this is Moonlight, and we want for everyone to look at this as a win. For the black community, the Muslim community, and especially the Black LGBTQA community, this shit is for us.