Midweek Mental Health Reminder

you're Almost There

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I’ve often found myself in rooms with people who I felt were more accomplished than me, who seemed to have been much more established than me, and to be quite honest, they were. That realization is a scary one. To have this overwhelming sense of “you don’t belong here”, it’s embarrassing. It’s painful. It only rings the bell of self-doubt to a mind numbing volume. At some point you have to pull yourself out of your head and remind yourself to “act normal”, whatever that means, right? Recently I’ve been introduced to a term called the “imposter syndrome”. When I heard it, it immediately resonated. Ever felt like you didn’t deserve a certain accomplishment? Like all these people “deserve” to be here but you haven’t reached their level yet? Well the truth of the matter is, you do. Some how, someway, you made it into that space. Nothing is by accident in this world. Call it divine timing. The truth is yes; most of those people have accomplished a whole hell of a lot more than you in this point. And they may be at peak levels of their career. And you’re overhearing these conversations and shrinking by the moment. But the biggest truth that they may not be spewing out is that they were right where you are in this moment, afraid, doubtful, and new. That’s it! You’re just new. You’re learning as you fish your way through this sea of dreamers who believed and that’s ok. You made it this far so you must be doing something right. You can’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Don’t let your fear freeze you. Don’t let your doubt discourage you. You are here, and you belong.

Love Always,


The Tribe