We Gon' Be Alright


Today is Hard...

Today is disappointing. Today is a manifestation of all of our underlying thoughts that America really could care less about us. And to see it displayed so blatantly, it hurts. It’s hard to find words of encouragement when you feel you're in the trenches as well but the truth is we WILL be ok. Because we have to be. Because giving up here is not an option for us. People keep saying we’ve been through this before but I’m not trying to experience the full extent of America’s backhand. So today, we have to pick our heads up and understand our options. We need to invest in one another so that we can truly build an impenetrable community. Tribe,we have work to do. So take today and love on yourselves and your loved ones today. They need you, you need you and we need you too.


Love Always,

The Tribe