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Street Runner Phresh

Who is Phresh and where do you fit in musically? 

“Well, you can call me Phresh, the name is Street Runner Phresh for all other reasons, and I fit in in any genre I so much choose. It's kinda like, however I feel at the time, I don't really have a genre. My music has an all around feel. It's more organic and real, more relatable.”


What do you want people to know about your art? 

“Basically I just want them to know where I'm from, because you know, I live life. And I've seen a lot of people that just get on and just forget where they come from, you know what I'm saying? They neglect the fact that that was what made them as rappers. That was what made them as artists. And I'm the type of artist that I'm gonna pay the respect when respect is due. And respect is due to the city of Charleston, and respect is due to the town of James Island because they made me who I am. They gave me the stories and the life lessons in my music to where I can give it to y'all in the best fashion for yall, in a way that yall can relate to as fans.”

S.H-I can definitely hear that in your song Charleston Strong.


“Haha I had to man. That ‘Charleston Strong’ was basically an anthem for basically Charleston and everybody who lives in the surrounding areas. Im not rapping about nothing people from Charleston don’t know about. When I said ‘Cheddar boy from the Island got no stylist but I am Phresh’, everyone who knows me knows Im a cheddar boy, people know about the cheddar. I just put all my life inside the music, i'm not gonna lie to you. I have to let people know where I’m from. You not going to disrespect the island. 

One thing that drew us to you was your stage presence, you have a lot of energy and you really engage with the crowd. As far as your stage presence who do you look up to, and where does that energy come from when you are performing?

“Basically, not really looking up to anybody, the stage presence is basically coming from everything I am going through, everything I'm going for. I can't really explain it, it's just everything I am going through I just put it to the side and put it to work. I put it in my music. Sometimes I just remember what I was going through when I was writing the song, and that motivates me, or the story behind it. That's why some songs get more emotion behind it, like Charleston Strong. If I'm rapping it on stage, Im going full force, because it just comes from so much.”

Who would you like to work with locally?

“Do I have to name one?”


S.H-No you can name as many as you want. 

“Locally a song with VT, he’s an alright musician. I would probably do a song with him. My number one if I could, if it were even possible, Pachino Dino. Free Pachino Dino, first and foremost. I would love to do a song with him. He is like “The Man”

Street Runner Phresh


What about Dino inspires you?

“He was just a real dude through and through. The stuff he talks about, the streets he talks about I know. I talked to people who actually dealt with him and they said he really lived what he was talking about. That authenticity is what drives me towards him.
It's crazy, he's been through that. I’d work with Matt Monday of course, that dudes a musical beast. I'm definitely going to the show, with Sonny Digital. The Music Farm, that’s dope, I look up to that place. One day you'll see me, I'll sell out a show at Music Farm.”


What about Matt inspires you?

“You can tell in his music that he pays attention to detail. You can just tell, if you follow him like that, watch his videos and listen to the lyrics. It’s a reason why the video is the way it is, if you listen to the lyrics. Like can tell he pays attention to detail he’s very meticulous about that, even down to his timing of the metaphors. He’s pretty dope.”

S.H-I definitely appreciate his hometown shout outs, not even just the city but the references.


“That’s only right, that's the city man. You gotta show love. It just goes back to what I was saying, you can't forget where you come from.”

Speaking on the local scene, what's your insight on that? What do you feel it's getting better, or what do we need to work on as far as the industry of the art and music scene goes?

“I'm gonna be flat out honest, I just think we need to look out for each other more. We need to just band together as a whole city. Its too many people doing this all for themselves. If there somebody that you know is just as good as you why not put them on? It's so much competition and nobody’s helping with that “crabs in a barrel” mentality because nobody is going to survive. Or if they survive but they aren’t strong enough because the wrong people pushed them up. I love my town I love my city I’m not bashing them, its just that we can be way bigger than we are if we all just work together in perfect unison.”

Do you see a shift?

“It’s definitely shifting, I can see it, it's so crazy how I’m allowed to see it. When you're just sitting there and listening to the music you just expect to hear [a certain style of music]. Then you hear the stuff that I’m doing with the next generation of local artist, it's just, most of them don’t even sound like they’re from here [what you expect someone from here to sound like], it's dope. Like it’s so good and all of them are real hip-hop heads. They all have a different sound. They all have their own style to add to the city and its mad crazy. It’s a great feeling. When we do get that credit we deserve it’ll be somebody who actually appreciate the music and knows good music.”


S.H-I don't think people can sleep on what's happening here too much longer.


“Carolina had too much of a good year.  You had Clemson go to the national championship, to our Carolina Girl’s basketball team, they're A1, the panthers going to the super bowl. It's some Carolina Magic going on low key. Something big is about to happen.”

Do you plan on dropping a project anytime soon?

“We plan on dropping something at the tip top of the summer, it's titled ‘Its Not A Game’.  My close friends should know that the title stands for. Other people will probably take it as we’re not playing with ya’ll anymore; you can take it as that too. It’s more from a production standpoint, like the quality, the sound of it. It’s a lot of music that you can listen to and vibe too. And of course some turn up music. Also dropping a video with my boy Big Brother, a song called Mother Nature. Be on the look out, we not sleep over here.”

Phresh ShoutOuts: LeFrais via Montrel, Max, Jason For President, Filthy-, 501, Slim Cocaine, Big Thuggin, Roger, Isaac, Donovan, if he forgot about you he apologises but it's all love.