Praises to The Purple one

Thursday, April 21 2016, the world learned what it sounds like when doves cry. Rain left rainbows over our planet as the Purple One, Prince Rogers Nelson, ascended to another realm, leaving us an untouchable legacy and so many questions. How? Wasn't Prince immortal? Who do we have left? DID SOMEBODY CHECK ON SHELIA E?! The world is still shaken, and we continue to mourn the loss of our beloved icon in the best way possible: by remembering him as he wanted, for his music. Tributes have been given (all praises to Ms. Cynthia Erivo) and vigils have taken place, so of course we had to come through with our personal appreciation post in honor of the greatest guitarist to ever live. Enjoy :)


Lenny Kravitz

We all know that Lenny Kravitz is a melting pot of amazing artists who preceded him, but one major ingredient of that fusion is Prince. It’s evident in Lenny's sexually flexible style and fearlessness to express his version of masculinity in his clothing. This is possible because of Prince paving the path for Lenny to do so.

Justin Timberlake

Justin has even admitted that there is a little bit of Prince in every single song he's ever written. I mean doesn't the name Future Sex/ Love Sounds just sounds like a Prince title? Justin’s project The 20/20 Experience  is a prime example of that especially with songs like SpaceShip Coupe giving us nostalgic vibes of Prince's "Do Me Baby". Justin's vocal performance in general channel's Prince style so vividly.

Eryn Allen Kane

Prince’s beautifully talented protege. This girl’s voice is literally poured down from the heavens on a star studded milky way. If you haven't heard of her, stop what you're doing right now and look up “Sunday.” Better yet, we’ll give you the link. No excuses. Go be blessed by this magnificent gift the Purple one left us so we would know what good music in the millennium sounds like.

Click to listen

Click to listen

Andre 3000

If Jimi Hendrix had a baby with Prince I'm sure Andre 3000 would pop out. We all witnessed Andre's evolution into a carefree, funky, hip soul angel. A lot of his ensembles are heavily influenced by Jimmy but amongst the most daring and fearless can be nods to Prince, from the loose blouses to the eccentric wigs. Artists like Prince gave artists like 3stacks courage to push the envelope in the name of creative expression. Even Dre's vocal performances on songs such as Prototype are reminiscent of Prince's lower register.

DAngelou & Quest Love’s friendship

Some of the greatest friendships have started over a song. The friendship between two of the greatest artist of my generation, D’Angelou and Quest Love, started because D was the only person in a venue to recognise the song Quest was playing during his drum solo. The rest, is history.


Because of Prince of we are able to experience the force that is Paris, Amber, and Anita. He pushed them to showcase their talents, allowing them to perform their first show ever as KING. Without Prince's influence and mentorship we wouldn't have the absolute magical funky fairy soul sounds that created WE ARE KING the album. (Which if you haven't heard, trust us, do yourself a favor and just throw them your coins now).  

Prince told Beyoncé to learn piano

Bey is a known Stan of Prince, and Prince believed Beyoncé was a talent (when is he ever wrong?). We saw them perform together in all their glory, and heard Bey sample him in Bonnie and Clyde 03, but Prince’s greatest contribution to Beyonce’s stardom was telling her to learn to play piano. Her music has always been good, but even the best Stan can tell you Dangerously in Love ain't no Sandcastles. Her learning how to utilize her knowledge of scales lead us to where we are today, stuck in a Lemonade daze.


Another souled out rocker who's style is so synonymous with Prince's influence is Miguel. Not only in their similarities through clothing and music but in their expression of oneness between sexuality and spirituality. The visuals from Miguel's latest project "Coffee" channel Prine and his hypersexual tendencies. And lest we not forget we "Adorn", one of Miguel’s biggest hits, wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Prince's vocal influence. Miguel's songs, personal style, and visual creations all stem from Prince's creative branches.  

The Shade

Ah, the shade. We couldn't leave this out. There will NEVER, be another who could so eloquently shade a person, and so effortlessly. How are you on Twitter without at least one Prince gif in your file folders? HOW SWAY?! You won't win against him. With such beautiful quotes as “I can't be played. A person trying to play me plays themself” and “It's not memorax, I go on stage and my microphone is ON”, and not to mention the LOOKS. Prince could shatter a career from a side smirk. The best part about it is, what can you do? ITS PRINCE. Just take your L with a grain of salt.

Prince’s Rebellious Spirit

Prince always used his platform to express his views on certain “touchy” topics. For example that time he performed in a police cap with chains draping from the cap completely covering his face as he sang into a gun shaped microphone sending a message of injustice. Or his very vocal views on artists having the right to OWN their music. He wore the word “SLAVE” on his face as another means to express his outrage and disgust for his contract with Warner Bros. and them feeling as though they owned him. And more recently, when Prince brought a tear to our eyes and pride to our chests as he stood in front of the entire world at the Grammy’s, during a time of heavy “All Lives Matter” disputes, he firmly stood in his truth and let the world know that “ Albums matter, like books and black lives”. My GOD THIS MAN!

Purple Rain

The visual and musically perfect that was, IS, Purple Rain. For this, we are eternally grateful. This masterpiece, woven together so perfectly by that genius of a man...can you imagine a world without it? Actually, don't do that. It hurts.  Very rarely does a soundtrack outsell and album, but this one with songs like “When Doves Cry”, “I Will Die 4 U”, “Let's Go Crazy” and the cult classic of a title track, it seemed almost impossible for it not to. This album shaped the lives of so many of our favourite artists today, and forever changed the tune of pop culture.

We love you forever Prince!

Love Always, 

The Tribe.