Pyramids X Gardens Series III

Summer 97

Break the fire hydrants and dance in the streets

Ain't no beef around here

Just chilly bears or lick ups if your candy lady is sweet

My shoes light up on the concrete

Get me home before the moon peeks over her blanket

Before street lights give way to teens with fresh set hips

And lusty dips in their spines

Roaming hands and hungry eyes

That ain't my scene

I'm trying to be where the knowledge is

Where the sun is my water and I a flower with an unquenchable thirst.

Life lessons learned from spades games and old heads inside the barbershop

Observing with my homies on the block

From the green box around the corner

Picking up what they're putting down

Adding more jewels to my crown

The higher the hair the closer to the creator

So I just get my sides faded

& kick back while I soak up something for the soul.

Photography by: SamiraMiche

Models: OD$ Paro, James Grant, Rawby