The Juice

In 2016, Juice has multiple meanings. You can have a fresh glass of juice to start your day. You can be the homie who’s charm gets all the baes. You could be talking about that 90’s cult classic with ALL the fine 90’s Papis. Here, Juice is a mix between both (sorry 90’s Papis). Juice is the start to your week, our pick of new things you need to get you to be paying attention to throughout the week. Part inspiration (y'all know we love inspiration) part motivation and all around fly, Juice is the 411. We got it, and now we’re pouring it into you. You got the juice now kid, enjoy. 


Somebody dropped Kevin Venom’s music in our lap this weekend and we’re ever so grateful. The NC native dropped his album via BANYrecords and it RIDES. It also features one of Charleston’s favorites, Contour and recent BINACT artist Atlas Selasi.

Carolina’s elite streetwear brand Shop Ode is releasing their spring lookbook on 4/12, and we’re a tad bit excited (ok maybe more than a tad). This is the brand’s 6 year anniversary & we know by now to expect the heat.

Model:   @fuxkwvlf      Photographer : @frwntv    F ollow  :  @shopode

Model:@fuxkwvlf  Photographer:@frwntv  Follow@shopode

If you know anything about us you know we are HUGE Benjamin Starr fans. A few weeks ago, he was a feature on a song called Blackest Bird by PAT Junior, also featuring Greg Cox. The catch was, they only kept it up for 24 hours. It was soul crushing. Luckily, somebody in heaven loved us enough to convince them to put it out again (hopefully for good).

If you live in Columbia SC, Saturday, your town is the place to be. Big Freedia, yes Queen Diva, will be gracing the stage at the Indie Grits festival, FOR FREE. You can't even justify missing it. Get out and get down with the Bounce Queen herself as Indie Grits celebrates 10 years of indie film. And if you're lucky, you might just catch 3 girls with the illest vibes out there ;).

Gif courtesy of    Indie Grits

Gif courtesy of Indie Grits

Every black nerd’s dream has come true this past week. Ta-Nehisi Coates FINALLY dropped that Black Panther comic, and it's so dope! Some of us (and by some of us we mean Asiah) are still waiting on a copy, because they're definitely sold out. But no fears reprints are near!

To order or view this comic visit your local comic store or for an electronic copy go to Comixology or the Marvel app.

To order or view this comic visit your local comic store or for an electronic copy go to Comixology or the Marvel app.