Tribe Citizen


Chase White

Have you ever looked at an artist’s work and been like “I'm not sure what this is but I love the way it makes it me feel”? That was our reaction the first time we saw a piece from the eclectic Chase White. He takes simple structures and creates extravagant, bold works that not only catch your eye but allow you to feel in technicolor. We got the chance to chat with Chase and dig a little deeper into the mind of a 21st century Picasso, enjoy.

Who is Chase and when did he fall in love with his art?

I would like to think of myself as some sort of fabulous garage sale in a John Waters movie. A pile of twisted, colorful junk, waiting to be discovered and loved. The deeper you dig the more irreverent you find. 

Art for me spawned from a natural curiosity of just about everything. Art was always my escape from things that I didn't understand, it was my safe haven, it was the thing that I had even when I really didn't have anything at all.

What makes you feel misunderstood and how does your art bring you clarity?

Years ago I would have answered this question with, "people think I'm too gay", "people think my work is too weird", ECT. I don't think being misunderstood is necessarily a bad thing, especially in this day and age (unless you're just an ignorant asshole).I think being misunderstood means you are a person of intelligence, of creativity, of authenticity, of integrity, of independence, a person with a point of view, a person of color, a woman, a queer, a person who doesn't fit in. The greatest people to have ever lived were all completely misunderstood. 

My art has always been a journal for whatever I'm going through or feeling. I'm a very emotional person, but I never really know how to express it, so I focus it into creating something. Words are powerful, but when you can create something directly from your imagination, it's the most amazing feeling you can have. 

A lot times artists are recognized through their style of work? Is that one thing you work on, having a noticeable style, or do you like mystery of it?

I would say a little of both. I don't feel like my style is completely realized yet. In school, my style was heavily influenced simply by what I could afford. I would find plywood boards and pieces of siding and scrounge up some money for some paint and see what I could make. now that I'm not as limited I am really eager to play with new ideas and mediums, so stay tuned. 

What does color mean to you?

Color for me conjures up lots of memories from my childhood. I grew up a kid of the 90's in rural South Carolina, color was everywhere and in everything.  

What mediums outside of paint and canvas do you like to express yourself with? 

I really love markers and colored pencils, but nothing beats a sketchbook. Sometimes committing to a quick sketch is just as satisfying as committing to a big piece.