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"Color Theory Jean-Michael" // 11 X 17 Mixed Media

"Color Theory Jean-Michael" // 11 X 17 Mixed Media

Benjamin Moore landed in our lap last summer during a Souls N' Substance event, ducked off to the side with bright yellow canvases drawing attention away from the crowd and into his world. Upon introduction, we met this artist as Fart.pdf, and from that moment on we began to learn just how he kept us so mesmerized.

Much like his aura, his artwork features large doses of the sun filled pigment, nostalgia & and faint traces of Gorillaz influence (look at the hands and jawlines!). The finished products are beautiful, but the process, which you can watch on his snapchat, is the real art. Moore takes you on a visual journey of creation, showing you every layer and leaving you ready to fling your last dollar at him. We were lucky enough to get one of our now favourite artists to sit down and answer a few questions for us, catch his vibe below & don't be afraid to fall in love with Fart.pdf, he’ll be around awhile. 

Photography by    V.Aura

Photography by V.Aura

Who is Fart.pdf and when did he fall in love with art?

Fart.PDF is a 25 year old Columbia native. He's a visionary. A creative force that promotes expression in every form. He is someone that explores technique, appreciates the process and does not limit himself with "I can't" and "I quit". The name stems from a lifestyle or belief system in itself. I don't feel we should hold back from acknowledging and sharing what is inside us. Not saying I don't believe in self control but our impulses are the most natural thing about us. It's pure instinct. We're growing up in an environment that teaches us to be desensitized to a lot of our natural instincts —compassion, vulnerability, etc. Fart represents that urge you get when you have to fart. It's that simple. When something builds up, let it out. Another meaning to give it comes from a more humble place. I'm not the shit, yet, I'm just Fart. The dot PDF, which is an acronym for Protected Data Files, represents what we all are. Walking, talking thoughts, memories, experiences, desires... And the bubble I use to enclose the .PDF is the pop art type call out we're used to seeing in comics and cartoons. Put fart and .PDF together and you've got expression in its rawest form. 

I first began drawing when I began tracing Dragonball Z, Looney Tunes or Sonic the Hedgehog coloring books. I drew my own versions of every kind of cartoon there was all throughout middle school. It wasn't until my junior year in high school that I realized, "Hey. Maybe I'm kinda good at this." I was a quick learner. It came to me naturally. My skills developed into what they are now just by experimenting with new mediums and always relying on making art as a form of expression and a healing tool when needed. I'm self taught in everything I present to you. 

"Color Theory Basquiat/ Keith Haring" // 6x6 Mixed Media

"Color Theory Basquiat/ Keith Haring" // 6x6 Mixed Media

You experiment with a lot of different techniques and mediums. What style or era of art inspires you the most? Why?

I like expressionist and abstract art the most. I like being able to see texture and vivid colors —the thought process that goes into applying different mediums. I really like pop art culture because I feel it magnifies social topics in a more relatable way. A few of my favorite artist are Van Gogg, Romare Bearden, Salvador Dali, and Basquiat. Egon Schiele is becoming a new favorite as well.

"Color Theory Remember The Time"

"Color Theory Remember The Time"

 Give us your top 5 songs when creating.


My playlist is pretty versatile. Some days are filled with trap music and old-school hip-hop, other days i vibe out to chill wave and indie artists. It really just depends on my mood. As of lately, my top 5 songs are:

1.)Hanging On by Active Child

2.)Panda by Desiigner

3.)Rose Quartz by Toro Y Moi

4.)Cocaine Model by ZHU 

5.)The Moment by Tame Impala

Finish this sentence "Life without art would________" 


Life without art would be life without culture. 

Art is essential. Yeah it's divine intervention but we've given it so much purpose. It's how we communicate to one another on a daily basis and how we've communicated through eras and ages. Just look at advertisement, shit what would this generation be without emojis? What history would we have without depiction? We're visual creatures, with imaginations —we need imagery.  

 What about the art scene in SC excites you and what disappoints you?


I can only speak on Columbia. I like Greenville and its art community but I haven't explored it much. As far as Soda City goes, it needs some new faces. Some youthful jubilance. I like where it's headed. Those before us have done an amazing job capturing the heritage and personality of this college town but in doing so, they've created this invisible box that my generation will break free from. I get excited by the potential this place has. I hang out downtown and my wanders. There's so much talent, the venues here are extraordinary, we just need to build our connections more. Art has no room for segregation or separation. That's how shit becomes saturated. We don't need that happneing. I am  a little disappointed that it's taken this long for young aspiring artists to not be discouraged in venturing out to showcase their gifts, but this is a new age we're entering, collectively. That has more to do with the times than South Carolina. 



Click the flyer to support and Fart and many other amazing talents at   #YSWN.

Click the flyer to support and Fart and many other amazing talents at #YSWN.