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Are you an Adele fam? Jay Electronica? Hell, Lauryn Hill? Then you understand our collective frustration as fans of RaisedByFilm’s 5ft assassin Nory, formally known as WarholTheGhost. We're first introduced to his eclectic alt boy sounds in 2014 by way of Contour at Matt Monday’s album release, and it was an instant obsession. We ravaged social media trying to find his music, which to our dismay, only showcased a handful of songs and barely satisfying our cravings. Then, somebody filled us in. He doesn't drop when we want him to drop. He drops on his own time. He took a seat next to Andre 3000 in our musical hearts. It was like finding Fluffy with Nick and Norah (do your movie googles). We needed that music. And the few times we’ve gotten it, it was well worth the wait. Recently, he headlined our first Elevators show along side his other RBF members. He clasped the mic and said “I don't put out much music, and my fans hate me for it” with the most mischievous smirk. I remember thinking, “Who does this cat think he is? Playing with my emotions!” Well, in extremely Nory fashion, he dropped in and told us exactly who is he. Kinda.


Who is Nory and when did he fall in love with his art?  


Nory is a villain to some and a hero to others. I would say he's just a kid doing what he wants. Art is his obsession. His power, so to speak. It's the only thing he was ever good at, and for as long as he can remember the only thing he ever cared about. From being a child, sitting on the floor in a small apartment next to a pile of crayons, to what he's doing now. 


Do you ever feel pressured to make a certain type of music because of your age range? 


I used to, but I ended up not being satisfied with any of it. I make music for me, so I can only speak from my perspective. That's just how I am. Truthfully, I feel like i've aged too fast mentally because I've seen too much. At times I can seem young, but in isolation, I battle with a lot of mature thoughts and stress. 


At the “Southern Discomfort” forum you spoke up for those who parents or guardians don’t see art as a real career path or avenue of expression. For anyone who may be battling that now how do you speak light into them? How do they push through without home team support?


Everybody dies alone, so you can't be so hung up on what others think. Live like that and you'll die unhappy. I know what it's like to feel like your parents' approval is a necessity, but I also know art is something few people digest with total understanding. I believe most Parents respect results more than passion, so if you want that pat on the back, make emotional sacrifices and give them something to be proud of. It doesn't happen over night. You have to fight for your respect. 


Nory 1.JPG

Recently you underwent a name change. Why was that?


I wasn't the same person I was when i started. I knew I was soon to compromise some of my previous values. I also knew exactly what i was becoming. 


If you could build a band with anyone in the world, who would they be and why? 


Realistically, my closest friends khari(contour), Tyree(lordfubu), and evan. Simply because they understand me. In a perfect world though? Maybe Thom Yorke, Robert Smith, and Morrissey all in one band. 


What's next for Nory in this phase of his journey? 


More creative endeavors. Music is just the beginning of what I intend to create and control. 

Be sure to check out "Softer" a teaser trailer by Raised By Film's Contour and Nory. We immediately fell in love after the first watch. We advise you keep your eyes on this collective!