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Sir Abstraxxx

You can blame PoppyNative for our obsession with this guy. Poppy is our resident music miner and she unearthed this Charlotte, NC gem to us on one of her Groove Therapy playlists last year, it's been a wrap ever since. Both sonically and visually soothing and appealing, Sir Abstraxxx is one of our favorite things to come out of the Queen City. His particular blend of chillwave neo-soul and hip hop will put you in the mind frame of 90/00’s cinematic black love like Love Jones and The Wood (in fact, he uses a Brown Sugar bit in Don’t Let It Slip!). This is the music you rap to your boo to watch them blush, the sounds behind the scene where your favs fall in love. We were lucky enough to get this very busy gentleman to give us a little insight into the man with the mellow melodies, check out our interview with Sir Abstraxxx below!

Who is Abstraxxx and when did you fall in love with your art?

Sir Abstraxxx is one who is influenced by love and beautiful creativity. A leader who found his way of sharing those influences through poetry and music. 


I fell in love with my art the first time i performed it out loud for the first time when i turned 19 at this place called Upstage.


How does love or the pursuit of it inspire you?


The love of it inspires me because i feel like I'm free each time i step on stage. That feeling of being completely who you are now, and also who you were meant to be at the same. The pursuit of it inspires me because im able to touch more individuals each time and each place i perform. I was always that person who wasn't necessarily popular but I wasn't a lame either. I had a mixture of friends from homies from the hood to also having corporate friends. So i do it to help others find their own place not just with themselves but people around them.( hopefully that makes sense )

Photo by:  @MrCareyJKing_

Photo by: @MrCareyJKing_

What does peace of mind mean to you?


Peace Of Mind means completely everything to me. I believe that is the root of everything. If you don't have peace of mind or peace within yourself, you wont have peaceful living, a peaceful relationship with others, and you'll always wake up feeling uncomfortable and that is honestly no way to live. I'm still learning to be completely at a peace but i will say I'm very close.


Photo by:  @MrCareyJKing_

What is your safe haven, away from music? 


My safe haven is now just being to myself or doing things i consider normal from hanging out with friends, looking up creative things ( videos, blog posts, etc ) and honestly being to myself. I'm pretty cool but simple.


What is your overall vision for Abstraxxx? 


My vision for me is to simply the best i can be. I use to have a level that I wanted to reach but what happens when you get to that point? Will it be enough? So therefore instead of stressing myself about getting to this particular level and being happy in that position. Now I'm all about going hard every time i begin to write, break barriers with my art by showcasing in different avenues and being amazing each time. Just to simply be great is my vision