Vibe 5

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Hey Tribe! Welcome to 2018. Technically, we’ve already been in a whole month but January went by SO slow, this feels like a fresh start. We had to take a que from SZA and stay on the lowkey, grinding for a minute but now we’re back and better than ever! We’ve got more segments, some old favs and some new, resources and events, and tons of surprises in store for this year, so don’t sleep! We’re always up to something. For now, check out what’s been on our radar in 2018’s first Vibe 5! It’s only right that it’s #BlackAF for Black History Month, we couldn’t disappoint :) Enjoy! 


St. Beauty’s album is a black, magical wonderland.

Isis and Alex are two amazingly talented (and insanely gorgeous) friends from ATL and they just so happen to make up the dynamic and eccentric duo ST. Beauty. Have you ever heard music and been like wow, this reminds me of what watching black women make cotton candy out of clouds and sugar and magic would feel like? Then this is the album for you. Get into it.

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Kendrick ft SZA - All The Stars is AfroFuturistic Heaven:

As if the entire diaspora isn’t already marking the days down until Black Panther premieres, Kendrick Lamar and SZA had the NERVE to drop this super black, super futuristic, super bomb af video in our faces like we were supposed to be ok. You see all those magical black boys? Those Amazon women in water being worshipped? THEY MADE AFRICA OUT OF STARS AND SZA’S HAIR.  Where are our edges? We are inconsolable. Shout out to Dave Meyers for directing this masterpiece. We stan. How many more days until the movie again?

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Living Single is on Hulu

 Our prayers have been answered! The ultimate 90’s crew is back on our screens thanks to Hulu and we couldn’t be more excited. Like, why do we need to leave the house ever again? We got food. We got water. We got Talenti. Now we have Living Single as long as the internet doesn’t go out. Yea, catch us in a very intense binge watching session till spring.

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Cloth & paper co.

Black owned stationary ‘cause we ‘bout our bidness: One of the biggest reasons that businesses fail is lack of organization, and funds. We can’t help you with funds BUT aren’t these the cutest little planners you’ve ever seen?! We’re about to throw these coins at clothandpaper and if you’re really about that black dollar, you will too.

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Whatever Marsai, goes:

Can we just stop and take a moment to marvel at all the glory that is 13 year old Marsai Martin? Babygirl is a beast before high school. She’s been acting since before she could talk, is starring on a hit tv show, slaying the red carpets in pre-teen appropriate attire (that lowkey makes us mad that Justice and Wet Seal were not this poppin when we were in middle school), and in 2018 she is not only starring in but EXECUTIVE PRODUCING her first feature film, based off her own idea. Like, when will our favs ever?