WHEW. Ok it’s been a minute, Tribe we, but we definitely promise we have some digital content headed your way more regularly this summer. Life has been everywhere but we can’t forget our roots. We wanted to let y’all into somethings we’ve been vibing out to lately. From binge worthy series, to businesses to support, to audio dopiness. So without further ado, we’re bringing back, Vibe 5.


S M K B R K (Asiah)- As a woman who advocates heavily for the right to love her trees and smoke them too, this platform made my heart sing. SMK BRK is a safe space dedicated to bringing weed and women to the forefront, breaking the stigma of the lazy stoner and showcasing bomb ass women doing bomb ass things who also love smoking. It’s a beautiful space created by L. Providence for women to openingly discuss cannabis and it’s industry, and it comes with curated playlist based on a vibe by some of the dopest women! It’s truly been a joy to get these playlists in my email and roll up to them.


C H A M B E R S (Sabrina)-Ok, so I’m easily a scary cat. I don’t do blood, I don’t do ghosts, I don’t do none of that freaky horror movie running in the woods mess right? But, somehow, I got caught all up into this show. To be honest this show is probably what you think about when you see YT people who get a little into chakra alignment. Like “Get Out” for the holistic community, lol. What’s also dope is that this is the first Netflix original series that features a lead who is a Native American. Also her best friend is a down to earth natural haired black girl who bonds with her mother over computer and tech. The show gives a little glimpse into Native American traditions and a little of the language but it’s a cute little thriller to binge and keep you on your toes a bit.


@K I B A K _ T I L E- Have you ever been so obsessed with watching something and you didn't understand why? That’s what this IG page by Ann Sacks is to us. Simply put, it’s tile painting, but it’s literally the most calming, amazing thing we’ve ever seen. The colors, the designs, the way she weaves in and out of the lines so perfectly and with ease. It’s like watching pottery being made, or listening to ASMR spa sounds. Visual ASMR maybe? Either way, it’s def worth a look, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious.


J U B I L E E - If you’re looking for a good Channel that challenges societal norms, the  breaking of general curses and explores how we engage socially and directly, this channel should be on your subscription list. Jubilee’s content ranges from heart felt stories like Expecting Parents Share Both Sides of Their Love Story, to social experiments like 30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life, and even work to debunk myths or expand perspectives with such as .Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine: Should Your Kids Get Vaccinated? This channel draws you in with simplistic yet intimate cinematography. It strips back layers gently and yet, it gets straight to the meat of things. So definitely jump down the Jubilee rabbit hole when you get a second...errr maybe an hour of free time.


A R I L E N N O X S H E A B U T T E R - For Colored Girls Who Thought Their Adult Lives Would Be Love Jones and Feel Dubbed, Shea Butter Baby is Enuf! Ari Lennox’s debut album is THE black girl anthem. It’s smooth, it’s raw, it’s a mid-late 20’s black girl getting her life together and coming into herself in the way that only we can. Ari didn’t hold back on us, and we’re forever grateful for the declaration of truth being spilled in those 44 minutes of perfection.