Vibe 5

Hey Tribe! We’re on this week with a 5 Vibe, our very teeny tiny list of things we’ve been into lately at the Vibe Headquarters. With Mercury retrograde AND 2 eclispes in August, we’ve already been in the shadows reflecting and reprogramming for what’s to come. We dig deep to find our happiness, and that’s what this list is all about! Take a little trip inside our minds below. 


Boiler Room Sets

As of lately for the technique of sound and music.Boiler room provides a close view of international secluded locations or known venues where D.J's can play their sets.


Black female comedians

Often times overlooked but refreshing to discover ; Black female comedians.In the Photo: Ms.Pat is taking the world by storm with her stories of adversity turning into laughter. 

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Black people and sunscreen

The myth has been cracked! For years our families have been telling us “You don’t need sunscreen, we’re black, we don’t burn!” Research has proven this not to be true. Yes, melaninated people have a natural SPF of 16, but that’s really only in very very dark skinned people. The lighter you are, the less you have, and 16 really isn’t much to begin with. Our skin is still very capable of getting burned, getting harmed by UV rays, and skin cancer. They say black don’t crack, but black will crack if black gets slack, so make sure if you’re going to be in the sun for long periods of time to find a good, natural sunscreen (not shea/coco/mango butter, you’ll be frying outside) with at least an SPF of 25, especially for your face. If you’re using a lot of AHAs or BHAs in your skincare routine, I suggest an SPF of 35+. Keep that skin in check! 


Stranger Things

Can you say intriguingly creepy! We already made group plans to watch together because we don't have time to hear bumps in the night. Man, if you haven't caught up on season one you have about two months to gather yourself because season two!? SEASON TWO!? This trailer just blew our minds. We don't care what you thought you knew about what's next. Who thinks of these things!? Anyway grab a group and some Dublin Carolina red muscadine wine and prepare for the ride. We hear there's going to be justice for Barb! 


Terrance marting presents: the pollyseeds- sounds of crenshaw vol.1

Where to begin. This album is for lack of a better work a vibe. It's a moment. It's funk. It's jazz it's soul. This album is just love. It's finding love and giving love it's space to formulate. It's something you need to be playing right now. Just stop reading and go to your music platform of choice and dive in.